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Inventory & Private Marketplaces

    • Open auction, private marketplaces and preferred deals
    • Cross-channel premium placements and formats
    • URL & channel-based management is possible


With audience on demand, we are accessing all the open real time bidding (RTB) inventory options from exchanges and supply side platforms (SSPs) which are available on the market. We only use those environments which are transparent and therefore allow for brand safety monitoring. We form various quality clusters, such as AGOF (German online research study group) verified environments, or work on the basis of customer-specific whitelists.

Private Marketplaces

In cooperation with our key marketing partners, we configure private marketplaces on which the real time advertising is established. We begin by working closely with you to select the inventories, formats and target groups, which are used on a customer-specific basis and under consideration of defined prices. The "AOD Premium" product primarily utilises the private marketplaces, thereby ensuring top quality.